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A.L.E.X Showrooms

Around the world, our innovative lighting showrooms support our mission to transform the way people interact with their environments, by providing inspirational energy saving lighting solutions. We call this: the Aurora Lighting Experience, or A.L.E.X!

A.L.E.X 2.0 UK - The original Aurora Lighting Experience

A.L.E.X LightBox

A.L.E.X was first conceived in 2006 at our Welwyn Garden City, UK facilities, providing conferencing, education, product testing and lighting demonstrations for up to 100 people or more from a unique conference suite known as the LightBox.

The LightBox is designed to immerse visitors in an environment where they can experience the difference between traditional and LED light sources, dimming and colour temperature. It is available for client use and equipped with the latest visual aids.

The live demonstration is supplemented by product specs and features on large wall displays that surround visitors, while application shots are projected onto the large screen at the head of the room.

An interactive 'WOW!' experience

Welcome to the A.L.E.X Light Lab!

At the touch of a button, the LightBox projection screen raises and electric doors open in true Star Trek-style, welcoming visitors into a totally interactive facility focused on education, display, performance and testing of the four elements of lighting – power, control, lamps and luminaires. You've just entered the Light Lab!

Throughout the Light Lab, visitors can experience Aurora's latest energy-saving ranges within hands-on product displays: indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, LED downlights, lamps, tubes, panels, strip and much more! Inside, multiple iPads provide interactive exploration into LED binning, colour temperature, thermal management, dimming and other new lighting technologies.

Light Lab proves lighting performance

Light Lab's integrating sphere for product testing

At the heart of Light Lab is the UK's largest Integrating Sphere, equipped with a state-of-the-art radiospectrometer, which provides accurate performance data on light sources, including lumen output, colour temperature, colour rendering indexing, chromaticity and binning accuracy.

"Aurora’s significant investment in the Integrating Sphere means that lighting projects can now be designed with complete confidence, using reliable lighting data," said Aurora CMO Neil Salt. "The reliability issue is crucial at a time when so much market misunderstanding surrounds LED technology. We are determined to lead by example to overcome the confusion regarding manufacturers’ data."

"We are determined to lead by example to overcome the confusion regarding manufacturers’ data." -- Neil Salt

Labsphere technology eliminates errors found when using traditional photometers that are fitted with filters designed for use with halogen and fluorescent light sources.

According to Product Development Director Darren Casey: "The Aurora Light Lab offers the capability of testing all light sources, not just those manufactured by Aurora."

A.L.E.X Around the Globe

Since the opening of A.L.E.X in the UK, we've opened several additional A.L.E.X showrooms at key regional headquarters throughout the world. Each provides a unique hands-on Aurora Lighting experience with popular lighting selections for that marketplace.

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A.L.E.X Showroom UK
Welwyn Garden City, UK

A.L.E.X Showroom Ireland
Dublin, Ireland

A.L.E.X Showrrom Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland

A.L.E.X Showroom UAE
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A.L.E.X Showroom South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa

Sydney, Australia

A.L.E.X Showroom USA
Florida, USA

A.L.E.X Showroom Taiwan
Taichung, Taiwan

A.L.E.X Showroom, Ji'an China
Jian Xi, China

A.L.E.X Showroom, Guangdong, China
Guangdong, China

A.L.E.X Showroom Netherlands
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Superior products and services together with interactive 'WOW!' experiences are best represented by A.L.E.X showrooms around the globe.

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